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Herbaceous curing mat

Non-invasive detoxification and original ecological conservation



【I】,Product Presentation:

Herbal treatment paste adopts non-invasive detoxification and non-antibiotic sterilization technology,More than 20 kinds of herbal extracts were extracted by low temperature active technology,Through perineal mucosa, capillaries, perineal acupoints transdermal absorption,The shortest time to reach the entire reproductive system,It can quickly eliminate all kinds of discomfort in the reproductive system and discharge toxins,Solve the problem of gynecology complex attack,Stay healthy, happy and young from the source;

【II】,Suitable for the croud:

Dysmenorrhea, uterine cold infertility, anemia, blood deficiency, heavy moisture and gynecological inflammation of women.

【III】,Using the step:

1、Open the package and take out the treatment patch;

2、Remove the adhesive tape from the back;

3、Attach the torn patch to the center of the underpants;

4、Change it 3-4 times a day,According to the amount of discharge appropriate increase or decrease.
【IV】,Six major advantages:
1. Pure Chinese medicine plant formula
    High-tech prescription containing more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine was extracted by low temperature active technology
2. Innovative technology three-in-one chip
    The powerful combination of three-in-one chip and traditional Chinese medicine formula doubles the product efficacy;
    Anion:antibacterial and bacteriostatic/eliminate peculiar smell/anti-inflammatory pressure/enhance immunity/improve self-healing power;

Far infrared: make cell water molecules active, improve the body's oxygen content, promote and improve the microcirculation system, enhance metabolism, anti-inflammation, sterilization, improve immunity;

Magnetic function: promote and improve the microcirculation system, activate cells, promote cell metabolism, help to improve sleep, anti-inflammation, improve immunity;
3. Scientific transdermal absorption

Herbal essence reaches the whole reproductive system through the shortest path and the shortest time, and its effect time is long。Solve the problem that drugs can not reach and long-term treatment is not good;
4. No antibiotics for sterilization

Targeting technology, using non-antibiotic sterilization technology,The killing rate of lactobacillus was zero,The killing rate of all kinds of pathogenic bacteria was 97%。It can effectively maintain the bacterial balance of the female reproductive system,Not addicted,Let women restore their natural immunity;
5. Noninvasive toxin removal

Eighty-five percent detox within 30 minutes to seven days,Until the reproductive system is completely drained of toxins,Solve the problem of recurrent gynecological problems,As a comprehensive maintenance care products,It's not just adjuvant therapy,Recuperate and maintain ovaries to achieve rejuvenation,

6. Comprehensive overall conditioning;

   Maintenance paste is a comprehensive maintenance care products,It's not just adjuvant therapy,Recuperate and maintain ovaries to achieve rejuvenation。

【V】,Important ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine

1. Dendrobium officinale:

China's nine immortal herbs ranked first,Known as the "life-saving herb",Since ancient times: "Yang deficiency is easy to fill, Yin deficiency difficult to adjust" said,At the top of the list of Yin nourishing herbs is dendrobium candidum,It has the function of nourishing stomach, nourishing Yin and clearing heat, nourishing lung and benefiting kidney, and strengthening waist,At the same time can also enhance immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory。
2. In one hundred, radix polygoni multiflori:

《Compendium of Materia Medica》recordation,It has the effect of detoxification, anti-inflammation, moistening intestines and defecation, tonifying liver and kidney, benefiting blood, black hair and hair, and strengthening muscles and bones,It can regulate blood deficiency, vertigo and tinnitus, beard and hair early white, waist and knee acid and soft, numbness of limbs, menstruation and leakage, body deficiency。 
3. lucid ganoderma:

In ancient times, it was called "Yao cao" and "Ruicao";《Sheng Nong's herbal classic》Known as "god zhi" can nourish strong body, improve immunity, anti-inflammatory, diuresis, benefit kidney, anti-oxidation, delay aging。

4. Ginseng:

Known as the "King of Hundred Grasses",It has been recorded in many pharmacopoeias since ancient times,But to "Shennong Herbal Classic" for the most "ginseng,The main fill five zang organs, peace of spirit, the soul, stop panic, eliminate evil, bright eyes, happy and intelligent, light body prolonging ;It can replenish the vital energy, nourish blood, calm the nerves, regulate impotence, frequent urination, menstrual leakage and so on。

5. Saussurea involucrata:

Known as the "Holy Medicine of Gynecology" and "King of the Hundred Herbs",《Compendium of Materia Medica》、《The Four Medical Tantras》And other famous medical books are recorded,Can be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, strong tendons, blood circulation, warm Quyu, dispelling cold dampness, can regulate male impotence, kidney deficiency, sexual dysfunction,Female palace cold, kidney deficiency, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leakage and other symptoms;At the same time can also enhance human immunity and anti-fatigue, anti-aging。
6. Fructus Cnidii:
    Warm and nourish the kidney and strengthen the Yang,Dryness and dampness, dispel wind and kill insects,For impotence, like cold, cold wet belt, wet bi lumbago,Vulva eczema, vulva pruritus, trichomonad vaginitis, quite good effect。

7. fructus kochiae:

Clearing heat and dampness, removing wind and relieving itching。It is mostly used for urination and pain, Yin and itching, rubella, eczema and pruritus。 

8. stigma croci:

Clearing heat and dryness, killing insects and diuresis。It is used for hot dysentery, hematochezia, yellow pox urine, red and leucorrhea, Yin swelling and Yin itching, eczema, wet sores, skin itching, scabies leprosy, external treatment of trichomonad vaginitis。 

9. radix sophorae flavescentis:

Promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and relieve pain.Treatment of menorrhea, defect, dystocia, dead fetus, lochia, pain of blood stasis, carbuncle swelling, injury of bruise。

【VI】,product efficacy:

1. Comprehensive treatment period [non-invasive detoxification, targeted sterilization]

Period:1 to 2 months,3-4 per day (Depending on the detoxification amount, increase or decrease as appropriate)

Efficacy:Recuperate genital pruritus, dryness, peculiar smell, improve abnormal leucorrhea, frequent urination, menstrual pain;

2. Fixed the problem completely【Repair damaged mucosa and improve happiness index】

Period:2-3 months,2-3 pieces per day (Depending on the detoxification amount, increase or decrease as appropriate)

Efficacy:Recuperate lumbar acid, low back pain, dysmenorrhea and menstrual period of various discomfort, the color of the red without blood clots。

3. Overall lift period【Continue to nourish ovaries and promote reproduction in an all-round way】

Period:3-6 months, 1-2 pieces per day (Depending on the detoxification amount, increase or decrease as appropriate)

Efficacy:Skin ruddy, delicate, shiny, elastic, wrinkle reduction, fade spots, menstrual cycle conditioning normal;


Conditioning the palace cold pad

 Relieve palace cold conditioning dysmenorrhea

【I】,Product Presentation:

Conditioning Palace Cold Pads combine ancient hot compress therapy and modern fever techniques with 16 kinds of Han herbal extracts,Matches the cotton surface,Perfect fit to the body so that you can enjoy hot compress therapy anytime and anywhere。Effectively alleviate cold limbs, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms。

【II】,Suitable for the croud:

1. The vagina is not tight, the vagina is not moist, there is an odor in the private part;

2. People with reduced sensitivity, frigidity, pain during intercourse, anhedonia, sexual abhorrence and desire for sexual harmony;

3. Reproductive system immunity is reduced, function is degenerated crowd;

4. The face is dark yellow, long spot, the complexion is not ruddy crowd;

5. People with vaginal pH imbalance and mild vaginal inflammation;

【III】,Using the step:

1、Open the packing of heating pad and take out the heating pad;

2、Open the warm pad and peel off the tape on the back;

3、Glue the heating paste on the back of the warm palace paste;

4、Uncover the adhesive paper on the back of the development hot paste;

5、Stick the good conditioning pad on the underwear at the appropriate position;

6、Heating paste must be stuck on the back of the warm palace paste。

Matters need attention:Use before and after menstrual period. Do not use during menstrual period。

【IV】,Important ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine:

1. folium artemisiae argyi:Warming the meridian to stop bleeding, dispersing cold and relieving pain, clearing damp to stop itching;
2. leonurus:Diuresis detumescence, contraction of the uterus;

3. stigma croci:Promote blood circulation and meridians, disperse silt and relieve pain;

4. fresh ginger:Detoxify and sterilize, promote blood circulation;

5. Chinese angelica:Regulating menstruation, enriching blood and promoting blood circulation;

【V】,product efficacy:

1. maintain beauty and keep young:Balance Yin, Yang, qi and blood, improve skin quality from inside to outside;

2. Dispel cold nd rove dmp:Dredge channels and collaterals, relieve cold limbs;

3. Warm uterus:Promote lower abdominal blood circulation, alleviate palace cold;

4. Regulate menstrual cramps:Promote lower abdominal blood circulation, alleviate palace cold;

 Antibacterial gel  


【I】,Product Presentation:

Bacterial lyase was prepared by gene recombination and bioengineering,Reproduction of human innate immune macromolecules;Human homology is safer, And with a unique mechanism,The perforation of bacterial membrane was directly caused by bioelectricity,Causing rapid bacterial death,It has the function of super fast sterilization;While killing it safely, it can also be converted into amino acids needed by the human body to speed up body repair;

The antimicrobial gel was prepared by gene recombination and bioengineering,It is composed of purified water and lyase, which can be directly absorbed by the human body,It has a significant effect on the diseases caused by bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, mycoplasma, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, HPV virus, etc. It can clean the female vagina and nurse the daily hygiene.

【II】,Product standard:
3 * 5 ml/box

【III】,Method of application:

After cleaning hands and vulva, open the product package and remove the outer cap and cover at the bottom。The thruster is inserted into the vagina about 3cm in a supine position,Use the outer cap as a push rod to inject the original solution into the bottom of the vagina at one time,Gently remove the propeller and stay seated or in a lying position for 2-5 minutes to get up。It is recommended to use before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night。

【IV】,Important ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine:

1. purified water

Drinking water is obtained by distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis or other suitable methods. This water is used for medicine only, It does not contain any additives。

2. The lyase of the bacterium

The lyase of thalli is homologous with human body and has broad antibacterial activity. It is a nonspecific immune molecule,It is based on the human bone marrow cells produced by the natural lyase development, and through the gene bioengineering technology to prepare, has a strong killing effect on bacteria;It can effectively improve immunity and accelerate the wound healing process。

【V】,Rnge of application:

It is suitable for daily nursing and auxiliary treatment of gynecological diseases。

【VI】,Product efficacy:

1. Gently cleans private skin, moisturizes and prevents dryness ;

2. Before and after menstruation, provide a dry and clean environment for private parts to prevent infection ;

3. Adjuvant treatment of a variety of vaginitis and other gynecological diseases ;

4. Eliminate peculiar smell before and after childbirth, relieve pruritus discomfort;

5. Eliminate HPV virus and prevent cervical cancer;

6. Diseases caused by other bacteria ;

【VII】,Standard usage reference:

1. Daily maintenance and protection: 1 a day, easy to deal with life antibacterial

2. Inflammation caused by a variety of common urinary and vaginal bacterial virus infections

One is effective, according to the degree of inflammation different use increased, mycoplasma chlamydia infection is also effective。

3. Cervical inflammation: 2 per day
Mild recovery usually takes 10 days

Moderate recovery usually takes 15 days

Severe cases usually heal within 30 days

4. Cervical erosion: 2 doses per day
Ⅰ degree usually takes 15 days to heal
Ⅱdegrees usually recover in 20 days

Ⅲ degrees usually recover in 40 days

5. human papillomavirus:No matter high risk or low risk, 2 doses per day, generally 90 to 100 days to remove all

6. Part of the bacterial virus type venereal disease, can also be cured, 2 per day, time according to the recovery of use

(Remarks Content:The above are the clinical average time, and the actual use time may decrease or increase according to different age and constitution of each person;In addition, trichomonad and other bugs caused by animal problems need to use maintenance paste and other its private protection products。)

【VIII】,Matters need attention:

If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using immediately;Keep out of reach of children;After use, cap the bottle tightly and store in a dry place airtight and dark. Please use it up within 30 days。

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Female bacteriostatic fluid


【I】,Product Presentation:

The female bacteriostatic fluid is used for cleaning bacteriostatic and daily health care of the female reproductive system,It has antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and so on。
  99 ml/ bottle

【III】,Product ingredient:

   1. Main components:Purified water, lyase and so on。
  2. Main active ingredients and content:Bacterial lyase 0.015%-0.1%(w/w)。

【IV】,Range of application:

It is suitable for cleaning and bacteriostasis of female

reproductive system and daily health care。

【V】,Product efficacy:

1. Strong bacteriostatic effect, rapid antipruritic;
2. Mild and skin-friendly, no irritation;
3. After acting on the affected surface, it quickly hydrolyzes into amino acids, safe and non-toxic side effects;

4. Weak acid pH to maintain the original protective barrier;
5. Repair tissues and regulate bacterial balance;

6. No chemical additives, no dependence;

【VI】,Method of application:

Before use, wash hands, press the pump head 2-3 times, take out appropriate amount of foam, gently rub in the private part for a while, and rinse with clean water。
【VII】,Matters needing attention:

1. Please close the lid after use;

2. It is prohibited to prevent sexually transmitted diseases during sexual life;

3. Keep out of reach of children;

4. Store in a cool and dry state;

5. Please discontinue use if you feel uncomfortable