Intelligent robot nursing overall solution

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【I】,Product introduction


 It is a set of intelligent nursing overall program mainly composed of a variety of intelligent nursing robots, supporting APP application + health management system.  


 It has 7 basic nursing functions such as home nursing ALoT and health big database, and the rate of manual assistance and replacement for basic nursing projects of incontinence reaches 57%. 


【II】,Market prospect



       Overall stable and upward development: in 2019, the market of electric nursing beds exceeded 410 billion yuan, with sales of 278,000 and output value of 1.156 billion yuan. The policy required an increase of 28% (8.21 million nursing beds), and 52.71 million disabled and semi-disabled elderly people (over 12 million disabled elderly people);  Focusing on intelligent nursing equipment market segment: the industry needs to deeply and effectively solve the nursing needs, break the situation, upgrade and extend the industry. 


       Policy push: countries have introduced the basic old-age home and community service promotion action "intelligent health pension industry development action plan (2021-2025)" and so on big files, more the government will, disability pension service care system, the wisdom endowment new formats and accelerate the implementation of key projects such as development planning, adjust the subsidy way and strength.







【III】,Health Management System





【IV】,Patient-Care Robot





【V】,AI  Bed





【VI】,Standard care procedures



【VII】,Technical positioning




【VIII】,Development and research directionn




【IX】,Team style


【X】,Social care