About us

Roylink Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.,He is a famous biological scientist and professor of strategic Research Group of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Deputy director of expert Committee of China High-tech Industrialization Promotion Association,Lifetime Visiting Professor, United Nations Medical University for International Exchange,Initiated by Du Zhizheng, co-planned with DELE and approved by the Seychelles Government Mr DeLe, from NIGERIA, was a Nigerian presidential candidate,His family's assets rank highest on Nigeria, where the Deles occupy a seventh of the land,DeLe, a longtime president of his family's TACOBEL VENTURES LTD, was NIGERIA's richest man, DELE is the general director of destiny Common Body project of African Smart City Health Education,additional post YBOT WELLNESS AND HEALTHCARE CLUB LIMITEDpresident ;


Roylink Sharing an international platform to spread the message of human health, We will help regional countries establish basic public health education and training systems,We will provide the international community with better and more medical supplies, medical products, and high-quality health products to strengthen the prevention and control of infectious viruses; Viruses know no borders, they know no races, and the implications of human health are diverse and broad, including many aspects of physical, psychological and social adaptation,Health is a matter of safety.Roylink Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. (Roylink) follows scientific rules,Building a healthy economy for mankind and a healthy energy sharing development model、We will develop a sharing system for healthy ecology, healthy agriculture, and health education.






Grand prix

Corporate culture


Always adhere to the ecological consciousness of sharing weal and woe, treating each other equally, and respecting nature, so as to protect human life safety to the greatest extent.


Safe and healthy development of healthy science and technology, healthy ecology, healthy agriculture, health education, healthy economy, and seek harmonious development of human society and a healthy and happy life!


Let human beings live a healthy and happy life.


With our original high-quality project technology,Realize the development of global industrialization,Build a community of human health.

Development history


The 2021 global epidemic of Neocrown Pneumonia has awakened the sleeping human race: epidemics have no borders and do not need passports to spread; only through mutual communication, mutual learning, mutual support and cooperation in the prevention and control of epidemics, and the elimination of ideological and value interference, can we overcome epidemics together. Science and technology, health education, and shared bodies. The global epidemic of Neonic pneumonia has awakened the sleeping human race: epidemics know no borders and do not require passports for transmission.


The global epidemic of Newcastle Pneumonia has awakened the sleeping human race: the epidemic knows no borders and does not need a passport to spread; human beings can only overcome the epidemic together by communicating, learning from each other, supporting each other and cooperating with each other in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and eliminating the interference of ideology and values. Health education Shared body. The global epidemic of Neonic pneumonia has awakened the sleeping human race: epidemics know no borders and do not require passports for transmission.