Shallow geothermal energy acquisition project

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Corporate Profile


Corporate profile

      Hengyuan Technology Development Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese geothermal energy industry company in HHTS Group  .

Primary business

      Focus on the development and use of shallow ground energy as building heating alternative energy research and promotion  ,Set scientific research and development - energy - system design - equipment manufacturing - engineering installation - operation and maintenance support - public services in one  ,Provide ground energy heat and cold integration without combustion intelligent heating overall solution.  


Typical application 

      In China, the application has radiated from Beijing to all regions except Hainan and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with the realized ground energy of more than 1.8 million square meters without burning.


Core Technology Shallow geothermal energy


Shallow geothermal energy refers to the low temperature (below 25X) thermal energy contained in soil, sandstone and groundwater in the relatively constant temperature layer formed on the surface of the earth (generally within 400 meters) under the combined action of solar energy and geocentric heat.

Shallow geothermal energy is a kind of renewable energy that mainly uses solar energy indirectly. 30% of the sun's energy is reflected by atmospheric clouds and the earth's surface, while atmospheric clouds absorb 19%. The remaining 51% is absorbed by land and ocean, forming a relatively constant temperature layer, namely shallow geothermal energy, hundreds of meters below the earth's surface.  



Characteristics of shallow geothermal energy


      Shallow ground energy is characterized by huge reserves, rapid regeneration, wide distribution, moderate temperature, and no permanent consumption problem, which can be called inexhaustible, inexhaustible, is a huge "green energy treasure bank. 



Acquisition technology

      -The automatic sealing device in the well divides the acquisition well into the lower low pressure pumping chamber, the middle sealing chamber and the upper high pressure backwater chamber  .

      ・The groundwater in the backwater chamber is driven into the surrounding aquifer by the pressure difference between the high-pressure backwater chamber and the low-pressure suction chamber and the water head difference formed around the well during the operation of the system. 

      ・It has realized 100% recharge of groundwater in the same well and in the same layer, and solved the worldwide problem of difficult recharge of shallow geothermal energy.




      The international initiative of independent research and development has realized the shallow geothermal energy acquisition technology of 100% recharge in the same layer with the same well, and solved the worldwide problem of difficult recharge in shallow geothermal energy development.

Principle of heat pump

 A clean electric energy is used to drive water pumps and heat pumps to transport renewable shallow energy at no cost, and to obtain more than three times the heat energy directly converted from electric energy.Shallow geothermal heating uses 30-35 degrees of electricity per day during the heating season.



Application of shallow geothermal energy heating heating products

      The use of shallow geothermal can provide a variety of self-heating technologies for ordinary people, provide reliable products and technical support for the cascade collection of shallow geothermal energy for rural decentralized buildings, completely realize the integration of heat and cold self-heating mode for farmers, and provide high-quality life guarantee for rural areas. 


Temperature (Celsius)

Electricity consumption/Gas consumption (per square meter per heating season)

Conversion cost (YUAN/per square meter/heating season)

electricity charge is 0.49 yuan for 15 hours and 0.1 yuan for 9 hours

Ground Source heat pump (Ground Energy Rebao System)


30 ℃


air source heat pump


58.7  ℃


Energy storage electric heater


191.5  ℃


Gas wall mounted furnace


10.8  ℃


 2016-2017 Evaluation summary of clean energy effect from coal in Beijing released byBeijing Municipal Agriculture Commission  


Automatic heating products include:

      Geothermal heat gem system;Shallow geothermal household hot water machine;Geothermal heat pump boiler;Air energy hot treasure system;Air thermal household hot water machine, etc.


The most reasonable way for the energy industry chain to control the haze caused by combustion heating


Dieneng Hot treasure system


Dieneng Hot treasure system

      “Hot Po”:Warm security, cold both;special ground energy heat pump equipment is optional for domestic hot water.

 “Dieneng Hot treasure system”To shallow ground energy as an alternative heating energy.  The design of the system conforms to and inherits the thrifty tradition of "saving for use" in China. It is an efficient electric coal self-heating system with heat treasure equipment and measurement in separate rooms.  

      characteristic analysis:Equipment small power, points between the distribution, key assurance, independent measurement, not open not frozen, who belongs to the province.  The system can be easily copied and operated, which is conducive to the differentiated use of behavioral energy saving and maximizes the personalized needs of customers, especially rural farmers. 

      According to the collection technology:buried pipe(Dispersive acquisition of shallow geothermal energy)and Single well circulation heat transfer(Centralized, safe, efficient and economical acquisition of shallow geothermal energy).It is beneficial to select suitable and renewable shallow ground energy acquisition and heat transfer acquisition mode according to different geological conditions.


Buried pipeDieneng Hot treasure system

      Schematic diagram of two rooms (buried pipe) system (combined cold, warm and domestic hot water supply) of Dieng Rebao.



Single well circulation heat transfer energy


Schematic diagram of single well circulation heat transfer energy


Renewable combined air - earth energy system

      Renewable empty - can be combined heating system based on shallow ground to heat can be used as alternative sources of energy is given priority to, in the air can be used as heating energy supplement (renewable can heat to the air - treasure system) is suitable for mountain CunHu heating system and can realize the key room under the bad weather, the most basic guarantee temperature, air can realize empty room can be enabled at any time  .

       System features :Reduce investment and use cost, ensure convenient, applicable, sustainable renewable air energy, shallow can use the same energy grade, temperature, efficient use.


Schematic diagram of the renewable air-ground energy combined five-room system


Five rooms of the renewable air-ground energy system 



Geothermal heat boiler system

      Ground energy heat boiler inherits the core technology of heat pump. It consumes a small part of electric energy as compensation. Through the thermal cycle, it extracts energy from shallow ground energy, transfers it to the condenser through the compressor, and releases it to the floor heating or radiator at the end.  It is a new type of heating product with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and comfort.


Authorized certification


Expert appraisal and test report

      Single well recycling heat transfer geothermal energy acquisition well technology has been continuously monitored for 16 years from 2001 to 2017, with 146 detection reports, which proves that shallow geothermal energy acquisition is safe, efficient, land saving and economic without pollution to groundwater.


Inquiry report on advanced technology of shallow geothermal energy acquisition

      Shallow geothermal energy acquisition technology is the world's leading technology of 100% recharge in the same layer as well. No single well heating power reaches 500kW at home and abroad.



Evaluation of water quality impact results

       Single well pumping pipe has water-saving effect and has no influence on underground water quality, so it is worth promoting vigorously


Industry standard for single well circulation


 heat transfer geoenergy acquisition well engineering

Relevant qualifications



Application Case


Haidian Foreign Language School covers an area of 350 mu, with a total construction area of more than 100,000 square meters. The project's heating and cooling construction area is 92,632 square meters. There are about 6,000 faculty members in the school. 

After years of practical operation, the project runs stably, with an average power consumption of 37.92kW/h for heating and hot water in winter (including domestic hot water for 5,400 people) and 14.74 kW/h in summer (free hot water from waste heat recovery). The total power consumption for heating, cooling and supply of raw and live hot water is 52.66kW · h/m.