I planted ammodendron trees in the desert to make a contribution to desert oasis

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IProject Implementation Address


      Ejin Banner of Alxa League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in northwest ChinaIt is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous RegionIt covers an area of 114,606 square kilometersPopulation: 32,000 (2021)Most of the territory is uninhabited desert areaEjin banner is inland dry climate, with drought little rain, evaporationSufficient sunshine, large temperature difference, sand and other climatic characteristics.


       Wind from Ejin,sand dance Beijing,In the 1990s, the Black River stopped flowingEjin Banner oasis ecology deteriorated rapidly and became one of the main sandstorm sources in western China, Badain Jaran Desert is the third largest desert in ChinaIt covers an area of 44,300 square kilometers on the Alxa Plateau in western Inner MongoliaBadain Jaran Desert is almost entirely mobile sand dunesGenerally 200 ~ 300 meters high, the highest nearly 500 meters, is the largest mobile dune in China.



IIProject Implementation Unit


        Ejin Banner Haolin Ecological Planting Professional Cooperative (hereinafter referred to as project implementation unit) was established on December 23, 2015The registration place is Ejin Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous RegionFounded by Wang Jiangang, president of Excellent Professional Cooperative in Changping District, Beijing, Wang Jiangang focuses on planting Ammodendron ammodendron and grafting cistanche and Cynomorium songaricum.


       Over the past six years, the cooperative has adopted a cooperative + base + farmer and herdsman cooperation modelBuilding the Inner Mongolia Ejin Banner Haolin Ecological BaseDongfeng town in Ejin Banner has self-raised investment of more than 200 million yuanA total of 356 units of equipment have been investedWe drilled 209 irrigation Wells, built 107 sets of photovoltaic power generation equipment, and planted 310,000 mu of ammosa forestOf these, 120,000 mu have been installed with drip irrigation facilitiesSurvival rate has reached the national acceptance standardA green windbreak sand-fixation forest belt has been formed, windbreak sand-control area of hundreds of square kilometers, has achieved good ecological benefits.


       The cooperative actively explored additional underforest economy, inoculating 120,000 mu of cistanche under the root of H. ammodendron and producing more than 700 kg of cistanche seedsDistribution area of wild Cynomorium songaricum in the base is more than 300 muHas produced more than 50 tons of Cymbidium, there are 3940 acres of nursery, the cultivation of more than 6 million haloxylon ammodendron seedlingsIn 2019, the cooperative signed a planting contract with the Ejin Banner government of 3 million mu.


      The cooperative plans to expand the cultivation of ammosaura forest by 3 million mu during the 14th Five-Year Plan periodOne million mu of cistanche was inoculated under the root of H. ammodendronPlant of Cistanche and Cynomorium cynomorium has been built, and more than 20 products related to cistanche and Cynomorium cynomorium have been developedBuild the largest economic demonstration base of cistanche deserticola in western China.



      Wang is a leading figure in private investment in desertification control in China, planting 330,000 mu of haloxylon trees in Alxa Ejin Banner of Inner Mongolia in five yearsGrafting cistanche 100,000 mu, future planning to plant Haloxammodendron, grafting cistanche 3.14 million muThe survival rate of haloxylon ammodendron and cistanche deserticola grafting is high, the planting technology is not strong advantage, and the planting cost is lowIn response to President Xi's development philosophy that green mountains and clear waters are gold and silver mountains, It has made a great contribution to the control of desertification.