HHTS-Hangzhou Renjoy medical Products Co., Ltd

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Factory introduction

      HHTS Renjoy medical Products Co., Ltd. is a company focused on the development and production of biomedical care products, including women's reproductive health private care technology and a wide range of women's private care products  。 With "Private care for female reproductive health" as the core,Focusing on the two core areas of "reproductive health" and "reproductive youth",  It covers areas such as cleansing, detoxification, warming the uterus, shrinking the vagina, and anti-ovarian failure, and creates a new proposition of "young state of reproductive health" for women combined with menstrual care  。

   Research and development institution Recopepin (Hangzhou) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD., in cooperation with "Key Laboratory of Changbai Mountain Biological Resources and Functional Molecules of Ministry of Education" of Yanbian University, developed series of genetic biological antibacterial peptides and plant extracts, which are the first in the subdivision of women's private health  。

      It has a purification workshop and aseptic laboratory testing room, gene biological agent filling workshop, care pad production workshop adding plant essence, cosmetics production and filling workshop;  It can produce a series of products such as disappearing size, a class of medical instrument number and makeup size. 



Quality introduce

Quality introduce

    In terms of quality management, the company has a sound quality system and strict factory inspection standards, and has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification.  The company always adhere to the "quality is the reputation and life of the enterprise" concept, continuous improvement of product quality, plastic brand image, and strive to provide customers with better products and services  

    In terms of equipment, our company has invested a lot of money and equipped with physical and chemical laboratory and microbial laboratory, which can meet the detection of various indicators of a variety of products; 

     In terms of personnel, it is a professional team composed of several senior engineers and quality engineers leading relevant professionals.  


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