Xieyumei electronic atomizer


It has a certain adjuvant effect on respiratory diseases and oral ulcer diseases.For eye diseases, skin diseases, hemorrhoids and anorectal diseases, etc., can be sprayed or smeated.


Product information

Scope of application

      The main active component of the atomizing liquid in xieyumei electronic atomizer is compound biological enzyme, and the auxiliary solvent is deionized water, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol;


      Compound enzyme is the 21st century's greatest discovery, its core component is made up of dissolve staphylococcus enzyme and phagocytosis of complex enzyme, compound enzyme into greatly enhancing the ability of viruses and bacteria, prevent viruses and bacteria metabolism, improve kill viruses, bacteria and resistance to viruses, bacteria, and does not produce resistance;


      China is a country with a high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases, and the annual incidence of respiratory infectious diseases is about 900 million, while chronic rhinitis and chronic pharyngitis also amount to 500 million. The treatment method is single and the treatment cost is high. The compound enzyme Xiyumei electronic nebulizer is developed and manufactured by HHTS,It has a certain adjuvant effect on respiratory diseases and oral ulcer diseases.For eye diseases, skin diseases, hemorrhoids and anorectal diseases, etc., can be sprayed or smeated (use the product with elimination number);


【I】,Product parameters:


    Fog cartridge volume: 4ml

    Thermal resistance wire value 1.1±0.15 ohms

    Atomizer rod material: mahogany, rod two ends inlaid with gold ring

    Battery capacity: 350mAh13Wh

    Output power: 65W

    Charging mode: Bottom Type-c direct charging

    Charging time: about 30 minutes




      Biological complex enzyme, deionized water, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol


【III】,Functions of electronic atomizer:


      The main function of electronic nebulizer is to rapidly crack the structure of virus and bacterial cell wall by complex enzyme, so that the polysaccharide scaffold of cell wall is loose, the cell wall is broken, and the contents escape and decompose into soluble glycopeptide;

    Especially for cough, rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, inhalation can be quickly relieved for dozens of minutes, to achieve anti-inflammatory, killing virus and bacteria effect;


【IV】,Scope of application:


      Rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, copd, interstitial pneumonia, emphysema, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchopneumonia, asthmatic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, senile lobular pneumonia, senile lobular pneumonia respiratory system, cold and fever and other diseases;


【V】,Mechanism of action of electronic atomizer:


      Electronic atomization principle of atomizer: electric heating of heat wire thermal conductivity to smoke, ceramic core ceramic core of atomized particles is between 0.5 ~ 0.55 microns in diameter, than the ultrasonic atomizer (atomized particles 9 microns), compressed atomizer (atomized particles 5 microns), micro network atomizer (atomized particles 3 micron) of atomized particles much smaller, easy to absorb;




      Use 3-5 times a day, 30-50 mouthfuls each time, and let the aerosol stay in the mouth for 3-5 seconds before swallowing and exhaling slowly through the nasal cavity;

      Structure diagram of Xieumei atomizer: Each fog bomb has a dust plug at the top and a leak plug at the bottom, please remove them all;  


      1、Preparation diagram for use of Xieyumei atomizer: Put the fog cartridge into the fog pole and press hard to the end;

      2、Use picture of Xyumei atomizer: Pick up Xyumei atomizer and use xyumei atomizer for the first time, please take a small mouth and breathe slowly to find the appropriate amount of inhalation. Do not turn the fog bomb upside down to suction;


     3、Red indicator light: the product is normal;

    White indicator blinks fast for 3 times ----- the light is low and it is recommended to charge;


    4、When inserting fog shells:

    White light will flash once



    The red indicator light flashes -- normal charging;

    White indicator light on - One is fully charged;


【VII】,Matters needing attention:


    1、Atomizing bombs should be stored in a cool and dark place;


    2、Please use up the atomized bomb within three months after unsealing. After three months, the raw materials in the atomized bomb will gradually decompose, affecting the taste of inhalation. It is recommended to replace the atomized bomb in time.


     3、The change of air pressure at high altitude may leak a little atomizing oil from the atomizing bomb. It is recommended to carry the atomizing bomb wrapped in a plastic bag or a special appliance when taking a plane;


    4、When the ambient temperature changes, the water vapor in the air may tie in the atomizing bomb and produce the condensate. When inhaled, the sound of "grunt" or "byi byi" will be heard. At this time, the atomizing bomb can be taken out and the condensate can be easily thrown out by swinging the ball round downwards;


    5、Atomizing bomb may be hygroscopic if placed for a long time without sealing. Please shake it before use to avoid absorbing moisture;



    1).This product should not be used with iodine preparation, hydrogen peroxide, heavy metal ions and chlorine-containing disinfectant;

    2). People with protein allergy should use with caution;


【VIII】,After-sales service:


    1、Atomizer rod belongs to consumable materials. In case of performance failure that is not caused by human damage, consumers can choose to return, replace or repair it within 7 days from the next day after receiving the goods;


    2、After sale service, must provide the invoice or other purchase proof, can enjoy the after sale service;