Roylink Water purifier-New definition of healthy hydrogen water


It is an intelligent water purifier, providing clean and healthy natural water. Full removal of heavy metals, chemical compounds, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses and all harmful substances in the water, Intelligent management ensures that every drop of water is clean and healthy.


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Roylink Compaq Intelligent Hydrogen Water Purifier




【I】,Functions of Roylink Intelligent Hydrogen Water Purifier


1. It is an intelligent water purifier, providing clean and healthy natural water. Full removal of heavy metals, chemical compounds, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses and all harmful substances in the water, Intelligent management ensures that every drop of water is clean and healthy.


2. It is also a high-end intelligent hydrogen water machine. High concentration and high purity hydrogen water is readily available, Satisfy the pursuit of health;Unique new generation of complex electric membrane separation technology and precise logarithmic fluid bubble smashing technology to form a unique high purity hydrogen (99.9%), and high stability hydrogen water. (no decay in 30 minutes, hydrogen decay less than 5% in one hour).


3. It is also the only warm pure hydrogen water machine, It instantly provides a high concentration of pure, warm water with hydrogen, Meet the health needs of the four seasons. Hydrogen is extremely active, The heating of hydrogen water or the blending of hot water will cause the instantaneous loss of hydrogen in the water. The intelligent hydrogen water purifier successfully solved this problem by using the hydrogen stabilization technology patented by the state,Its hot hydrogen water is not only high concentration and 30 minutes without attenuation, hydrogen attenuation is less than 5% in one hour.


【II】,Three technical features of Roylink Compaq Intelligent Hydrogen Water Purifier


 1、Pressure filtering and constant pressure technology solve the risk of water hammer pressure faced by hydrogen water purifier placed under kitchen. And instability in hydrogen production due to water pressure fluctuations:


1)、So-called filtering: it is to remove the tap water pressure beating at any time.


2)、Constant pressure technology: Because municipal tap water pressure not only varies greatly in different regions, Even though the same building in the same area varies greatly in different time periods, constant pressure technology is to take the normal water pressure of tap water 0.25~0.55MPa, And high pressure 0.56~0.8MPa stable at 0.2~ 0.3MPa smooth pressure, So as to obtain safe and stable working pressure, Ensure the safety of water machine and the consistency of pure hydrogen production.


2、High efficiency pure hydrogen separation and micro-bubble comminution technology:


1)、Pure hydrogen separation technology is a further upgrade of the conventional hydrogen and oxygen separation method, Its hydrogen purity can reach more than 99%, And the whole process does not change any physical properties of water, including pH value, to keep the original appearance of water.


2)、saturated content of hydrogen in water at room temperature and pressure is 1580 parts per billion. Hydrogen is insoluble in water and can only be retained in water in the form of tiny bubbles and suspended transitions (Brownian motion), So how to produce large amounts of invisible hydrogen bubbles below 100um is the key.    


3)、Through complex platinum electrolytic cell and pure hydrogen separation membrane technology, Combined with the precise logarithmic spiral fluid crushing and extrusion technology, At the same time, high concentration of normal temperature hydrogen water and 60℃ hot hydrogen water can be achieved in the natural state without attenuation for 30 minutes. Decay in one hour is not more than 5%.


4)、Non-scaling and low power consumption rapid heating system is another technical feature of this machine - instantaneous heat quick stop technology. Micron rare earth thin film and titanium alloy vacuum laminating to achieve instantaneous thermal stop work, This kind of power feature can ensure that the heating system of this machine does not produce scale when it is used all the year round.


【III】,Roylink Compaq Intelligent Hydrogen Water Purifier


1、18 national inventions and new type patents present a different new generation of pure hydrogen water, Full range to meet you and your family to the pursuit of health.


2、Market's only ultra-small micron scale hydrogen bubble crushing extrusion technology to bring a highly stable warm pure hydrogen water, Water is needed all the year round.


3、A new generation of electromembrane separation technology produces 99.9% of the purest hydrogen.


4、Full purification filter element with intelligent chip, Accurately aware of the amount and time spent each time, Accurate prompt, limit automatically off, Completely avoid the common secondary pollution of water purifier.


5、Fingertip control, accurate measurement, accurate timing, how much pure natural water, high purity hydrogen water, warm hydrogen water arbitrary switch at your will.


6、Precise timing and measurement, all intelligent automatic control.


【IV】,Health and health of the magic companion - three health characteristics of hydrogen


There are two ways that hydrogen molecules can be ingested. One is direct inhalation, But it should be mixed with 33% oxygen; The other is when hydrogen molecules are implanted in drinking water to form hydrogen and the water enters the body by drinking it, This way the import is faster and more direct. With the continuous development of hydrogen molecular biology, hydrogen medicine and clinical research at home and abroad, unique function of hydrogen has also been used by more and more biomedicine, discovery and attention of experts and scholars in various fields of medicine and medical clinic and immunology, From chronic diseases to beauty, from anti-cancer to health molecules have shown amazing effects. current study found that molecular hydrogen is magical because it has three unique properties:


1. Hydrogen molecules have strong targeted antioxidant properties:


The so-called targeting is precise antioxidant, the body of the free radicals are mainly hydroxyl and nitrite groups, It's called the oxidation group ROS, Molecules of hydrogen can be precisely neutralized by covalent bonds, You clear out these hydrogenated groups, This is the antioxidant effect of vitamins and health care products look at dust and.


2. The antioxidant process of hydrogen molecules does not have any side effects. It is a natural antioxidant:


When the hydrogen molecule neutralizes and cleans up the oxidizing group ROS, all it produces is water, No side effects on health,Hydrogen is also produced in the human gut to help fight oxidation, But hydrogen production declines sharply with age or physical deterioration.


3. Hydrogen molecules have strong permeability and diffuseness:


Hydrogen is the smallest chemical element on the periodic table, It's highly penetrating and goes directly into the cell including the mitochondria, Which is a deep, thorough antioxidant and its strong dispersibility gives the hydrogen molecule its overall antioxidant properties, It can deeply accelerate the metabolism of the body and comprehensively improve the repair ability of the body and various functional organs. first mate improves the immunity of the body.