Hydrogen water cup


At present, the most advanced hydrogen water production technology in this field is "hydrogen oxygen separation" technology,Our pure hydrogen cup is made with this technology and material.


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     Japan was the first country in the world to start "research on hydrogen medicine". It was also the first country to develop a hydrogen cup, After more than ten years of four generations of hydrogen water technology, At present, the most advanced hydrogen water production technology in this field is "hydrogen oxygen separation" technology, And the top technology in the field of "hydrogen and oxygen separation" is "platinum full proton separation technology", Our pure hydrogen cup is made with this technology and material.

【I】,Top 10 Health Properties of Hydrogen Water:


    1、Clean up the active oxygen free radicals in the body to ensure a healthy ecological environment in the body. The body fluid is slightly alkaline (oxygen carrying capacity increases by 69% when the blood pH is 7.45 compared with 7.3),Get your body in top shape.


    2、Expel toxins from the body, activate cells and promote metabolism. Reduce wrinkles, skin smooth, elastic, whitening, spot removal, thin body, reduce hair loss, white hair. Regulates the balance of the autonomic nervous system, Ensure the normal operation of internal organs.


    3、Purify blood and eliminate toxins.


    4、Improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, reduce wrinkles, moisturize skin, increase elasticity, and maintain vigorous energy.


    5、Improve chronic disease, analgesia and sedation.


    6、Improve allergy constitution and prevent the occurrence of immune diseases.


    7、Enhance immunity and reduce the occurrence of diseases,Anti-aging, promote health and longevity.

【II】,How to drink:


     Drink 1500mL-2000 ml of water every day. Drink 250 ml at least 30 minutes in advance for breakfast, lunch and evening meals respectively.

     Drink 200 ml 45 minutes after meal; Then drink another 200 ml at night until bedtime.You can drink at any time.

【III】,Effect of hydrogen water:


    1、Beauty and youth effect:


     vast majority of reports sent in by female users were about younger skin::Spraying my face with this water is my daily pleasure. After each spray, the skin sinks and becomes smooth, I can actually feel my skin become more energetic. Finger and face spots have become light, feel good happy.


    2、Hair loss, white color reduction:


     Hair reports were the most cited by both men and women: "There's been a significant decrease in hair loss recently." "Less gray hair and more black hair." I was worried about losing hair on the top of the head, But more recently, Friends who had not met for a long time thought they were mistaken.


     3、Reduce halitosis, body odor, and armpit odor:


     "The stench is gone, and it may seem rude to say that, but it's true," "Drink 1.5 liters of this water up to 2 liters a day, For a month and a half, plus exercise, I used to weigh 106KG, now I weigh 92KG,,14KG less, constipation and stench disappeared..."


     4、Diabetes improved;


     5、Cold disease, hypotension, menstrual irregularity elimination;


     6、Sleep well, energy,Before high blood fat, often dizzy, fatigue, long-term use of drugs,After a month and a half of drinking hydrogen-rich water,


     7、More chronic diseases, metabolic diseases are more effective...

【IV】,Operation instruction:


    1、It uses "hydrogen and oxygen separation" technology.


    2、Purity of hydrogen production can reach more than 99%, very pure.


    3、Lightweight, the cup body is made of food grade materials from Eastman, the world's only FDA and NSF certified baby bottle supplier.


    4、Easy to carry, with pure hydrogen atomizer, Not only can obtain good internal effect, but also to the hair, It has a very good effect in preventing off, beautifying, brightening eyes and improving skin.


     There are also domestic manufacturers using hydrogen and oxygen separation technology, But a lot of them use cheaper "ruthenium-iridium" membranes that are less effective and have an impact on the water.

【V】,hydrogen cup features:


    1、Separation of hydrogen and oxygen, more efficient, safer and healthier


    2、Ti-Pt alloy electrolytic sheet


    3、5 minutes high efficiency electrolysis, higher hydrogen production


    4、Food and PCT material:


     No BPS release, safer and more hygienic, Embedded rechargeable polymer lithium battery, More endurance, longer electrolytic life, portable split structure


    5、The back is rotatable and removable