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      YIXIN is a brand dedicated to the development of women's private goods. 

      Committed to caring for women's health, let women from inside and outside the beauty, to become self-love, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement charm intellectual women.

Series products/02

      Herbal care pad, polypeptide care liquid, warm cushion, Yixin female antibacterial liquid and so on .

      Comprehensive care for your private health, so that you enjoy a relaxed and happy life .



Herbal care pad------Non-invasive detoxification ecological maintenance


      Yixin herbal maintenance paste: adopts non-invasive detoxification, non-antibiotic sterilization technology,   More than 20 herbal extracts were extracted by low temperature active technology, Through perineal mucosa, capillaries, perineal point percutaneous absorption, the shortest time to reach the whole reproductive system, can quickly eliminate all kinds of discomfort in the reproductive system to discharge toxins, solve the problem of complex attack of gynecology, from the source to maintain health, happiness, young. 


Suitable for the croud: Dysmenorrhea, uterine cold infertility, anemia, blood deficiency, moisture and gynecological inflammation of women. 


Herbal care pad------Main ingredient products

1.Dendrobium officinale:The first of the nine fairy grass, known as "life-saving fairy grass".  It has the functions of nourishing stomach, nourishing Yin and clearing heat, moistening lung and kidney, brightening eyes and strengthening waist, as well as enhancing immunity, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation. 
2.lucid ganoderma:Known as "god Zhi", it can nourish and strengthen the body, improve immunity, reduce inflammation, diuretic, benefit kidney, fight oxidation and delay aging. 
3.ginseng :Known as the "king of herbs", can nourish vitality, nourish blood, calm, regulate impotence, frequent urination, menstrual leakage and so on. 
4.Saussurea involucrata:Known as the "holy medicine of gynecology", it can regulate impotence, kidney deficiency and sexual dysfunction in men, and uterine cold, kidney deficiency, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leakage and other symptoms in women.  At the same time can enhance human immunity and anti-fatigue, anti-aging. 
5. radix polygoni multiflori:Can regulate blood deficiency yellow, vertigo tinnitus, hair early white, waist and knees sour soft, limb numbness, menstrual leakage belt, body deficiency. 
6.fructus cnidii :Warm kidney Yang, dry dampness, dispel wind, insecticide, for impotence, cold, cold wet belt, wet bi lumbago, genital eczema, women Yin itching, trichomonas vaginitis, quite good effect .

7.stigma croci:Clearing heat and dampness, killing insects and diuresis.  Used for heat dysentery, blood in stool, yellow pox urine closure, red leucorrhea, Yin swelling Yin itching, eczema, wet sores, skin itching, scabies leprosy, external treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis.

8.kuh-seng :Promote blood circulation, relieve pain and remove stasis.  Treating amenorrhea, lump, dystocia, fetal death lochia, blood stasis pain, carbuncle, injury by fall. 


Herbal care pad

A、Comprehensive treatment period 

        [non-invasive detoxification. Targeted sterilization]

        [Cycle]1-2 months, 3 tablets per day (increase or decrease according to the amount of detox)

        [Efficacy] Eliminate vulva itching/dryness/odor/improve abnormal leucorrhea/frequent urination/uterine prolapse 


B、System repair period

        [repair damaged mucous membranes. Improve sexual well-being]

        [Cycle]2-3 months, 2 tablets per day (increase or decrease according to the amount of detoxification)

         [Efficacy] Remove lumbago/abdominal pain/dysmenorrhea and various menstrual discomfort, turn red without blood clots 

C 、Overall promotion

        [continuous nutrition of the ovary. Overall promotion of reproduction]

        [Cycle]3-6 months, 1 tablet per day (increase or decrease according to the amount of detox)

        Efficacy: Skin is rosy/delicate/shiny/elastic/wrinkles are reduced/spots are faded/menstrual cycle is adjusted normally 


Yixin peptide

      Yixin peptide can replicate human innate immune macromolecules by gene recombination and bioengineering  ;Human body homology is safer, and with a unique mechanism of action, the use of bioelectricity directly cause the membrane perforation of pathogenic bacteria, a touch of death, play a super fast sterilization function;  While killing safely, it can also be converted into amino acids needed by the human body to speed up human repair.






Yixin antibacterial gel

       Yixin antibacterial gel is prepared by gene recombination and bioengineering technology. It is composed of purified water and Yixin antibacterial peptide, which can be absorbed directly by human body.It has remarkable curative effect on diseases caused by bacteria such as enterobacter, candida albicans, mycoplasma, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and H P V virus. It can clean the female vulva and vagina and take care of daily health. 


Sphere of application :It is suitable for daily nursing and auxiliary treatment of gynecological diseases.






Yixin antibacterial gel

Main ingredient products:

purified water :Water prepared for drinking water by distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis or other suitable methods for medicinal use, without any additives. 

antimicrobial peptide:Homologous with the human body, has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity, is a non-specific immune molecule,  It is developed based on the natural polypeptides produced by human bone marrow cells and prepared by genetic bioengineering technology. It has a strong killing effect on bacteria  ;Can effectively improve immunity, speed up the wound healing process.


Product Efficacy:

      Gently cleans private skin, moisturizes and prevents dryness 

      Provide dry and clean environment for private parts before and after menstruation to prevent infection 

      Auxiliary treatment of a variety of vaginitis and other gynecological diseases

      Eliminate the odor around the perinatal period, relieve itching and discomfort

      Clear HPV, prevent cervical cancer and other diseases caused by bacteria



Yixin warm cushion------Ease palace cold,Treatment dysmenorrhea

Yixin warm cushion:Yixin warm cushion combines the ancient hot compress therapy with modern heating technology with 16 kinds of Chinese herbal extracts. 

      With pure cotton surface, it perfectly fits the body so that you can enjoy hot compress therapy anytime and anywhere. 

      Effectively relieve cold limbs, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms brought by official cold. 

Suitable for the croud:

1、Vaginal slack, dry, odor of the crowd
2、People with decreased sensitivity, low sexual interest, dyspareunia, anhedonia, sexual aversion, and desire for sexual harmony  。
3、People with reduced immunity and degraded function of reproductive system
4、A crowd with dark yellow spots and a dull complexion
5、Vaginal P H value imbalance and mild vaginal inflammation


Yixin warm cushion

Main ingredient products:

Folium artemisiae argyi:Warm meridian to stop bleeding, dissipate cold and relieve pain, remove dampness and relieve itching。

leonurus :Diuretic detumescence, contraction of the uterus.

Stigma croci:Promote blood circulation, dredge channels and collaterals,Dissipate nodules and relieve pain。

Fresh ginger:Detoxification sterilization, promote blood circulation。

Angelica sinensis:Menstruation, blood tonic, invigorate blood。


product efficacy:

      maintain beauty and keep young

      Balance Yin, Yang, qi and blood,Improve skin from the inside out;dispel dampness and disinhibit cold

      Meridian Treatment,Relieve peripheral blood circulation warm the uterus

      Improve blood circulation in the lower abdomen,Ease palace cold Regulate menstrual cramps 




Yixin female antibacterial liquid------Bath lotion for private parts


      Yixin female bacteriostatic liquid is a special shower gel for private parts, which is prepared by gene recombination and bioengineering  , It is composed of purified water, thallase, cocamidoamide DEAetc. Can effectively inhibit the three kinds of bacteria that cause discomfort in private areas (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, candida albicans)   ,Improve the sticky dampness caused by bacteria.

     Sphere of application: It is suitable for cleaning and bacteriostasis of female reproductive system and daily health care.




 Yixin female antibacterial liquid

Main ingredient products:

       Purified water, thallase, cocoamide DEA, etc.

Product Efficacy:

1、Special shower gel for private areas can inhibit three kinds of bacteria that cause discomfort in private areas,  Improve the sticky and damp feeling caused by bacteria, which is different from ordinary body bath lotion which can only clean the dirt on the surface of the skin.

2、The weak acidic PH value is close to the weak acidic environment of female private parts  ,Daily use also does not damage the ph balance of private areas, maintaining the original protective barrier. 

3、Simple ingredients, no adverse addition, no stimulation, gentle curing.

4、A gentle press, foam, precise quantitative, dosage saving, clean thoroughly  .Direct extrusion foam, no manual foaming, more uniform and dense texture, foam mousse, strong adhesion, fast filling private skin, no foreign body feeling. 

5、The product is colorless and odorless. It is a new and highly effective biological anti-infection product from natural sources. It is not a synthetic drug, does not contain any chemical additives, physical anti-bacteria and amino acid repair, and does not produce any dependence 

6、It can be used for business trips, hot springs, daily care, intimacy, pregnancy care and so on, even during the menstrual period .





      There are advanced sanitary products and cosmetics production lines;  Combined with Japanese and Italian equipment design concepts, maintenance paste production line that has been put into production is a first-class production line, which can meet the production demand of more than 300,000 pieces per day  ; production lines of facial mask and filling are domestic advanced production lines, which are not only high efficiency, but also stable performance, and can meet the production needs of high-quality products.

      In terms of quality management, the company has a sound quality system and strict factory inspection standards  ,It has passed iso9001-2015 quality management system certification。With senior engineers and quality engineers, and equipped with top flow production equipment, and physical and chemical laboratory and microbial laboratory, can meet the detection of a variety of product indicators. 

      Renjoy Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. is the industry leader;national high-end R&D team and international standard factory, With international standard production conditions,With international high standards of product quality.


HHTS——Hangzhou Renjoy medical Products Co., Ltd

      HHTS hangzhou Renjoy Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. is an entity dedicated to women's health products 。 Since its establishment, the company has been based on independent research and development, cooperative research and industry-university-research mode  ,Has been committed to female reproductive health and cosmetics research and development, production and management, and constantly seek the development and innovation of the company. The company collaborates with "Key Laboratory of Changbai Mountain Biological Resources and Functional Molecules of Ministry of Education" and "Collaborative Innovation Center of Changbai Mountain Biological Resources and Health Industry" of Yanbian University to continuously develop new products with international advanced technology.

    The company has a sound quality system and strict factory inspection standards, has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification.  And has senior engineers and quality engineers, and the configuration of top flow production equipment, and with physical and chemical laboratory and microbial laboratory, can meet the detection of a variety of product indicators. 

     The company is located in Lin 'an, the "national ecological city" known as the backyard garden of Hangzhou.  Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the surrounding environment is elegant, and the park also pays attention to greening.  It is only 40 minutes' drive to hangzhou city and 1.5 hours' drive to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.