Giant star in the grass -- Connecting grain and grass

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Brief introduction of Coherent grain and grass

      Lianguan Grain and Grass collection of Chinese and foreign scientists, experts, formed a research and development team, after painstaking research and development, in 57 kinds of grass plants and herbage , Through science and technology and innovative thinking, we have cultivated lianguan Grain and grass, and have achieved comprehensive success in June 2017 in a variety of planting experiments in different environments!

        Lianguan grain and grass has the characteristics of "three high and one low", that is, high quality, high yield, high benefit and low cost. And has high resistance, strong rooting, adapt to multi-altitude planting, is the animal husbandry, sand control, greening, geological disaster preferred planting grain and grass.



Combine the characteristics of grain and grass

【I】,Fast growth rate, strong regeneration:The forage generally grows 3 to 5 meters high annually and grows to about 1 meter, Can be harvested for feeding pigs, cattle, sheep, donkeys, deer, chickens, ducks, geese, fish and other livestock and poultry herbivory , It grows to about 2.5 meters and can be harvested for adult beef cattle, In the suitable growing agricultural and arable climate conditions, Annual output of fresh grass 40 tons/mu -60 tons/mu,10-20 years can obtain high yield ;

【II】,Wide adaptability, strong resistance to stress: Acid resistance, high temperature resistance, drought resistance, cold resistance, less than 35℃ will not die, Disease resistance and pest, can be planted in most areas of Our country;

【III】,Rich nutrition, good palatability: Rich in nutrients, and higher than the common forage, protein content higher than the common forage more than 40%,Page without burr, conducive to digestion of livestock and poultry, effectively reduce the occurrence of livestock gastrointestinal diseases, palatability is better;

【IV】,Automatic fermentation, storage resistance: Rich nutrition, high crude protein content, can be used as silage, save the amount of silage corn , Silage can be automatically fermented, storage period of more than two years, after silage, the nutrient content is higher, more conducive to livestock and poultry absorption;

【V】,four carbon plants, green environmental protection: High photosynthetic rate, typical four-carbon plants, developed roots, can prevent soil erosion, desertification control , Simple management, less fertilization, green environmental protection;


Comparison of nutrient composition between corns and herbage



emperor bamboo grass

Sweetelephant grass

paper tends to2

paper tends to1

crude protein(%)





crude fibre(%)





crude fat(%)




crude ash(%)





n-free extract(%)






Comparison of nutrient composition between corns and herbage



emperor bamboo grass

Sweet elephant grass

paper tends to2

paper tends to1

tiller number





acre yield





growing year





tolerance degree

Resistant to low temperature and light frost

Light frost resistance

Above 40 degrees below zero

Above 30 degrees below zero



Cereals with the highest fat content


      Jinmu grain grass can feed pigs, cattle, sheep, donkeys, deer, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, fish and other herbivorous livestock and poultry, high nutritional value, Feeding cattle without adding concentrate feed, beef cattle resistance increased, fat fast, better meat quality, no odor excrement, high organic composition; The leaf and stem of 1-meter-high golden pasture grass are tender, and the crude protein content can reach over 22%, It can be directly fed to sheep and calves, or crushed to feed pigs and other livestock and poultry.No concentrate feed, so that feeding more ecological, to achieve green organic food requirements yield per mu is 20-40 tons, feeding 3-5 Simmental beef cattle;100 pigs;300 sheep ;








Silage and compressed feed


      Combined grain and grass yield is high, suitable moisture,The grass is fresh and tender and is the best raw material for silage packaging, No need to add any other substances, automatic fermentation,Especially suitable for the growth cycle section of the area, is also the best supplement for the winter green feed;

    silage package can be stored for 2-3 years;

    According to the needs of the nutrient composition, timely harvest the grass, dry or dry, Can also be compressed into pellet feed,Also according to the need of other feed or additives, made of mixed organic granular feed;

   Silage after higher nutrient content, the best palatability;






Guide to grain and grass cultivation


1 、After the air temperature reaches 5 degrees above, the land is leveled and the box is 1.5 meters wide,The gap between boxes is 50 cm. Box surface to maintain appropriate humidity;

2 、Plant spacing of 1.2 m (horizontal), plant spacing of 80-100 cm (vertical);

3 、Each two buds were planted in one plant and buried 5 to 10 cm in the soil and covered with soil;

4 、Keep the soil temperature constant for 15 days after planting until the seedlings sprout;

5 、Apply proper amount of organic fertilizer after seedling, do not apply chemical fertilizer, manage fertilization in later stage, directly use animal urine and earthworm manure raised by "United Grain and Grass" (pure natural organic fertilizer);

6 、Harvest and silage after 40 days, depending on the animals;

7 、Feed the earthworms directly with the feces of the animals raised by "Connecting grain and Grass" (we provide earthworm species for 100 yuan/jin);

8 、planting of "lianguan grain and grass" in alpine areas, after the seeds are inserted and germinated, each mu is transplanted 1000 plants, the requirements are the same as above (different : It is necessary to refine the soil in 0.05-0.1 mu of land first, sow and raise seedlings, and transplant them into the field after the seedlings grow to 5-10 cm.1000 plants per mu);



Product advantage and market competitiveness

Variety quality is better

Higher nutritional value

More productive

Palatability is better

fat content of similar pasture species is the highest in the world

plain yields 20-40 tons per mu

   Yields are higher in the tropics

No burr, no sawtooth, more   

fresh and tender, reduce gastrointestinal diseases of  livestock and poultry



Calculation of recycling income from farming and rearing


expenditure money
grass seed300RMB
manure 100RMB
total expenditure 1700RMB/acre/ year

Income (RMB/mu/year)
yield per unit area20ton30ton40ton

Grass repo 400yuán/ton

general income 6300RMB10300RMB14300RMB

Net farmer income is calculated in RMB (based on one mu of land, 30 tons of yield per mu, 20 years of harvesting period


Calculation of recycling income from farming and rearing


      Economic Benefit Analysis of cattle Raising by "Linking Grain and Grass" (calculated and analyzed by 100 cattle)

【I】,Proceeds from the sale of cattle :

breeding1year, Finished cattle heavy 1500jins(  whole cattle weighing ),The price 16yuán/jins;

1500jinsx16yuánx100head=2400000yuán( Sell cattle income );

【II】,The cost of raising cattle:

1、4 cattle can be raised per mu of combined grain and grass (calculated based on climatic output in Chengdu);

2、Plant crops together 25mux6000yuán/mu=150000yuán,Apportionment based on 20year planting period,The planting cost per mu is 300yuan per year;

3、Corn flour:700yuán/head;

4、Soybean meal feed:400yuán/head;

5、Cattle housing:100yuán/head;

6、Land rental cost:1000yuán/yearx25mu=25000yuán/year;

7、Feeder: one person can raise more than 100 cattle, artificial 3000yuán/monthx12month=36000yuán/year;

8、calf :8000yuán/头x100head=800000yuán( The calf heavy 400jins);

9、Above 1-8 feeding100 Head of cattle cost summary,aggregate expenditure:988500yuán;

【III】,Total revenue after raising 100 cattle and selling them:

2400000yuán-988500yuán=1411500yuán That is, profit per head of cattle 14115yuán above;

calculation goes on in the same way, with each farming household having a different approach to farming, resulting in higher or lower returns;